Broken Things — Why We Suffer

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Broken Things — Why We Suffer


"It is a book I feel God can use as an instrument to make us become more dependent on Him in a world that is so set on independence. I was greatly encouraged!"—K. H., Lincolnshire, England

Before M. R. DeHaan was teaching on Radio Bible Class, he was a physician and well acquainted with pain and suffering. Dr. De Haan, in his book Broken Things—Why We Suffer, takes a biblical and practical look at suffering and helps you to discover that often it is through seasons of trial that God seeks to mold and shape you into His image.

Applying the healing principles of God's Word, Dr. De Haan encourages those who have been scarred by loss of employment, health, or by the death of a loved one, to find both hope and peace.

About the author: The late Dr. M. R. DeHaan founded Radio Bible Class, where he served as president and teacher for twenty-seven years. Prior to his ministry at RBC, he was a practicing physician and later pastored several churches.

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Name Broken Things — Why We Suffer
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ISBN 978-1-57293-056-8
Author M. R. DeHaan, MD
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Pages: 128