Elijah—A Man Like Us

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Elijah—A Man Like Us


Have you ever stopped to think that you might be a lot like the prophet Elijah? It's true. He was a simple, rural man with no particular skills, but oh how God used him!

From the miracle of endless bread, to holding back the rains, to the ressurection of the widow's son, Elijah's life was full of the wondrous evidence of God's sovereign mercy.

But he also stood up to Jezebel's prophets of the false god, Baal, with many other powerful acts of obedience to God, and ultimately he was swept away on a chariot into heaven.

Are you as willing to serve?

Author and pastor David Roper retells the prophet Elijah's story in a way that still resonates as each chapter touches you with Elijah's humanity and eagerness to serve God. In Elijah—A Man Like Us you'll find insightful questions to make this edition a treasure, a personal challenge, and a great Bible resource.

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Name Elijah—A Man Like Us
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ISBN 978-1-57293-031-5
Author David Roper
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