When God Takes What Matters Most

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When God Takes What Matters Most


How do you make it through each day when you suffer the loss of a child, when there's a pink slip on your desk, or when you lose your health or your spouse?

How do you carry on with life when the ache inside for what has been taken seems completely overwhelming?

In this 2-part series, you'll meet Nathan and Connie Backstrom and Joe and Debbie Mayer—two couples who have experienced indescribable pain, the kind that raises serious questions about God and life.

You'll hear firsthand accounts of their tragedies, but, more importantly, you'll discover the strength that carries them through the darkest days and gives them genuine hope for the future.

Includes over an hour of bonus features!

Additional Information

Name When God Takes What Matters Most
Author Day of Discovery
ISBN 07 17336 741438
Media Type DVD
Runtime 54 minutes plus 66 minutes of bonus features