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For some people, distress in this life is as constant as the rotation of the earth. You escape a distressing situation just to have another take its place. In pain, you yearn for something better ? a break from financial woes, a restored relationship, a healed heart. But what if, in your desire to escape pain, you are missing the point of it in your life? From the story of Ruth and Naomi, author Dan Schaeffer shares insights to help you see the value in your distress. As he guides you through the book of Ruth, the blurred vision of pain begins to clear and God's perspective of your distressing situation is revealed with purpose far beyond anything you could imagine. You will be reminded that God is at work to restore you ? and your distress is but a prelude to the restoration He has planned for you.

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Name Restored!
SKU M5496
ISBN 978-1-57293-454-2
Author Daniel Schaeffer
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160